41mkof4tOlLWriter –  Literary Translator

Back in 2001, after having read Philosophy and French at the University of Leeds and realising that being able to write a decent essay on Kant’s Categorical Imperative didn’t leave me with a great many career options, I decided to move to Paris where I embarked on a career in writing and translation – working on projects including widely enjoyed video games (A Game of Thrones, In Memoriam, Shiness, Men of War: Assault Squad), top-rated apps (Human Defense, Le Déserteur, Chocolapps), best-selling fiction (The Rosie Maldonne Series: Queen of the Trailer Park, Queen of the Hideout, Queen of the Masquerade, The Crumpled Letter, The Boy who Dreamed of Flying in a Cadillac), seductive travel books (Fermes-Manoirs du Bessin) and contributing to translation guides (The Book of Standing Out: Travels through the Inner World of Freelance Translation, The Bright Side of Translation).

I am currently working on two projects of my own: my first novel (see my blog posts for further details) and a sourcebook – Women in Translation  (a collection of writings and articles on translation from the female perspective).

I have steadily built a successful freelance French to English literary translation business and can now boast that I do what I love every day of my life – I tell stories.

I live in rural Finistère with my daughter (a future bi-lingual genius if ever I met one) and a motley crew of thirteen rescued dogs and cats.