I provide that perfect balance between readability and fidelity.

I have over ten years of translation experience and work ONLY into my mother tongue. I have a degree in French and Philosophy and specialise in literary translation (Media, Art, Culture) e.g. novels (genre fiction), non-fiction, tourism brochures, museum guides, video games and apps.

Please take a look at the « Books » tab for further details of my published works.

I do not only translate from one language to another. That would be much too easy! I localise the information in French to its exact equivalent in the target language. I adapt your texts with local and cultural sensitivities in mind. You’d be surprised what a difference this can make.

Specialist areas:


Conceptual exactness and terminological precision are key when it comes to translation of literary, artistic and cultural contents. I thrive on symbolism, puns and metaphors. If you have a novel, video game, app, poem, guide book, press release… come to me. I’ll be in my element!


I have a vast understanding of the travel sector. Whether you are a hotel, an airline, a restaurant, a vineyard, a museum or an historical site, I can translate your websites, brochures, guide books, menus and promotional materials. I get so enthusiastic when working in this field, I may even come for a visit!